Your Crawlspace Guys: Tony and Corey talk to Larry O’Halleran with Your Crawlspace Guys. He’s an expert on cleaning, digging and fixing up that dank space under your floorboards.

Mohawk Air.O Carpet: We talk to Joe Junor with Mohawk Carpet about their groundbreaking new product called Air.O.  It is a product that installs with no stretching or tack strip!

Buying & Financing a Home!: Tony and Corey have Leanne Ishibashi with Hasson Company Realtors and Erin Walsh with Acadamy Mortgage on the show to talk about buying and financing a new home.

Lumberyard Lingo Vol. 1: On this episode of the Weekend Warriors Tony & Corey share the secret language used by building material suppliers and other professionals in the industry in an effort to help you understand what you are hearing when working with them on your project.

Interview with a professional EXTERMINATOR: On this episode of the Weekend Warriors Home Improvement show Tony & Corey are talking to Matt White with The Killers, a local pest extermination company. Matt talks about the most common household pests and things you can do to mitigate pest problems aroun d your home.

Biggest Remodeling Mistakes!: On this episode of the weekend warriors home improvement show, Tony and Corey are talking about some of the biggest and most common remodeling mistakes people make and how to avoid them.

Spring has Sprung!: On this episode of the Weekend Warriors Home Improvement show, Tony and Corey talk about Spring home maintenance! A list of things you should be thinking about doing both inside and outside the house.

Breaking Down the House: Tony and Corey break down every aspect of a house from the foundation through the roof.

Sanctuary: Tony and Corey talk about projects you can do to turn your space into your very own sanctuary.

Cost vs. Value: Tony and Corey talk about what projects around your home give the most value.

ADUs: Tony and Corey have Kol Peterson on the show.  He’s an ADU expert from BUILDINGANADU.COM.  He gives a lot of advice on if you’re thinking about buildingan accessory dwelling unit.

Valentine’s Day: Tony and Corey give a list of projects that your Valentine will defintely appreciate!

House Failures: Tony and Corey break down the most common things in your home that break!  

Design Trends: Is it in, or should you tear it out!? Tony and Corey break down a bunch of outdated design trends from shag carpet to accent walls!

Workshop Essentials: Sometimes a more important question than; what is the right tool for the job is where are you going to store that tool? Listen to your Weekend Warriors go over Tony’s workshop essentials.

Contractor Insider Information: Being an independent contractor can be a tricky process at times, especially when tackling a jobsite or situation that you’ve never encountered before. Get the insider scoop, with this week’s podcast!

Insulating and Air Sealing Your Home: Heat is expensive! Listen in this week to learn about all the necessary steps to heating and insulation your home, so that once winter hits, you don’t have to watch your hard earned money slip through the cracks.

We’re All Getting Old, It’s the Reality: Corey and Tony address the harsh reality that we’re all not getting any younger. Listen to your Weekend Warriors talk about those home essentials that one day you’ll really appreciate for “Aging in Place”.

Crawlspace/Scary Place: Your Weekend Warriors walk through how to address that dark, dank, scary place under your home with Guest Ryan Beckly, with TerraFirma Foundation Systems.

Fall Into Savings Event: Listen to your Weekend Warriors, on site, at the PARR Design Center talk with guests, manufacturers and experts about what you, as a consumer, need to know before you upgrade any of your doors and windows.

Healthy Air: We often take for granted the air we breath, even the air in your home. Learn a bit about some of the precautionary measures that you, as a homeowner should take to detect and correct unhealthy air in your home. Corey and Tony sit in with a special guest from

National Emergency Preparedness: In the event of a national emergency, will your home be prepared? From earthquakes, to tsunamis to the impending Zombie Apocalypse, Tony and Corey run through all of the worst case scenarios that you and your family might consider preparing for.

Painting!: When it’s cold, and rainy, and depressing outside, one thing you can do to really freshen up the inside of your home is give it a fresh coat of paint!